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How to get to the House of Librarians

The headquarters of The Danish Union of Librarians is Akademikerhuset. The building is situated in Frederiksberg at Peter Bangs Vej 30. Frederiksberg constitutes an independent municipality, but is geographically located within the border of the municipality of Copenhagen. Frederiksberg is actually a part of Copenhagen, which is found south-southwest of the city center.

The fare system for public transport in Greater Copenhagen covers both buses, metro and trains. Apart from the capital itself, the area embraces all of North Sealand (including Elsinore, Roskilde and Køge) The fare system is based on zones. One ticket covers all travel for up to 2 hours in the number of zones that you specify, so transfer tickets are not necessary.

From central Copenhagen to BF 
The distance from the city center - City Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen) - or the Central Railway Station (Hovedbanegården) to Peter Bangs Vej is approximately 3 kilometres.

By Bus
Bus No 15 (direction Ålholm Plads) from Kongens Nytorv or the Central Railway Station ( Hovedbanegården) stop at Peter Bangs Vej. The ride takes about 15 min. from Hovedbanegården and around 23 min. from Kongens Nytorv. More information can be found in the "Tourist in Copenhagen"-webpage from Movia

By The Copenhagen Metro
Metro Line M2 from Kongens Nytorv (direction Vanløse), stop at Solbjerg Station. Then walk aprox. 8 min.

From the Central Railway Station (Hovedbanegården), take the S-train to Nørreport Station, then Metro Line M2 (direction Vanløse), stop at Solbjerg Station. Then walk aprox. 8 min.
The Copenhagen Metro